Vintage Photos Of The British Royal Family


The British Royal family is known for being somewhat private and very secretive about their personal lives. We uncovered some unseen images that show you what one of the most powerful households in the world holds inside.

Pink Hair Don't Care

The Queen Mother let loose at a party in 1969. It was all about accessorizing. That hair with that dress. Perfection.

British Party

Elizabeth Bowes Lyon

One of the first known shots of Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, the future Duchess of York and Queen Mother in 1902.

British Lyon

A Princess Is Born

A tender photograph of Princess Margaret Rose and her mother, the Duchess of York, Elizabeth Bowes Lyon.

British Rose

Out With Mom

The Princesses of the family, Elizabeth and Margaret Rose, step out in style with their mother Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.

British Q Mother

The Elizabeths

Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, along with the future Queen Elizabeth II.

British Princess and Queen


A shot of the girls as teenagers. It looks as though they are up to something.

British Princesses

A Queen's Best Friend

It's no secret that the Queen always has her beloved corgis by her side. In this shot she is talking with her staff about the appropriate outfit for the evening. The puppy looks like he would rather she stay in.

British Corgis

Future Leaders

In 1947, Princess Elizabeth is pictured courting her future husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

British Duke

A Royal Wedding

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh were wed in 1947. Check out that exquisite dress. It must have been quite the affair.

British Wedding 1

First Born

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip's first born son, Charles. They went on to have three more children; Anne, Andrew, and Edward.

British Charles

Introducing, The Queen

Princess Elizabeth wearing the Queen's crown. She is now Queen Elizabeth II.

British Queen II

Duchess Of York

Before she was Queen Elizabeth she was a Duchess. This is another shot of the Princesses Margaret Rose and Elizabeth with their mother.

British Dutchess

Family Pictures

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Charles are taking time out for a family photograph with their two eldest children, Princess Anne and Prince Charles in 1951.

British Family

Three Generations

Princess Elizabeth is pictured holding one of her four children. The Queen Mother is talking to Prince Charles in a photograph taken in 1950.

British 3 Gens

Learning How To Shoot

The British Royal family had their own personal photographer. Here is Prince Andrew at age 9 questioning her about her camera.

British Camera


Princess Margaret and her children David and Sarah sit waiting for the festivities of Christmas Eve to begin. They are illuminating patience inside of Windsor Castle in 1969.

British Christmas Eve